Wooden Shutters

Key Functions :

More than just decoration, shutters have been gracing the exteriors and interiors of homes for centuries When closed, they provide:

  • Durability – shutters are built to last much longer than any other window covering,
  • Allergy control – interior shutters are easy to clean and are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Act as a security feature and barrier– a first or last line of defense to intruders.

Can be stained or painted to any colour your desire. has a 10Year Warranty. All Hinges are stainless Steel. Made from only Genuine Timber which is durable both indoors or out.




It’s pretty much an open and shut case here. When closed for privacy, curtains and shades block out most air and light. But when opened to get the air flowing, they don’t offer any privacy or light control. In comparison, the louvres on shutters can be adjusted for whatever privacy you require from the outside world, while still allowing light and airflow through the adjustable louvres, which can be angled either up or down. They’re also:

  • Low maintenance, stylish and easy to clean
  • Easy to measure. Easy to order. Easy to fit
  • Manufactured from only the best-quality materials
  • Customise everything from tilt rails to louvres
  • Waterproof and Security options available


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